The Lofito

Welcome Digital Nomads!

A cosy 40m2 studio in the heart of Las Palmas, ideal for digital nomads who want to to stay in Gran Canaria for some time. It’s on the beachfront, with WiFi connection and fully furnished. Definitely, a charming place to work!

Phone: +34 722155156

This is how The Lofito looks like!

As you can see, the main gate leads to the seafront (the sand is 10m away from the building!). The Lofito is the place where digital nomads in Gran Canaria a balanced life: an incredible city beach nearby, lots of cool places around (restaurant, bars, shopping, leisure…), but a quiet place at the same time.

Services: Advantages of Staying At The Lofito?

WiFi connection

We’ve prepared the studio to host digital nomads, so a high-speed Internet connection is essential. As a result, you will be able to work from The Lofito every day!

On The BeachFront

The Lofito is on the beachfront. The studio’s windows leads to the back street, but when you get out the building, you will find the beach right in front of you!

No extra costs

Water and electricity fees are included in the price, so you will have to pay just the monthly fee. I’ll take care of any other extra payments!

Short & mid-term stays

I don’t demand a minimum stay, so you can stay one month or even a whole year. And you can decide on the fly!

We speak English

Communication would not be an issue. Maybe not the best English in the world, but we will understand each other. Also in Spanish if you want!

Excellent ubication

Restaurants, bars, leisure, sports, services… The Lofito is surrounded by lots of exciting places to enjoy the city. Check our blog for more info!

Where is The Lofito Exactly?

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