The Host

Find more about The Host – That’s me!

My name’s Miguel and I’ll be your host in case you stay at The Lofito. I work as a Marketing & Communications Manager in a sports software company in Gran Canaria.

My two passions: my job & cycling. Btw, I’m pretty good at telling that kind of bad jokes that makes people laugh!

The Lofito was my home 8 years ago but then I met my wife and our 3 cats (Chopi is the Persian one you can see in the above picture – not Santa!) had to move into a bigger place.

I don’t like to think I’m doing business when renting The Lofito, just offering new friends to take care of my home while I’m out. Hope you are one of my guests soon!

You can find more about me on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.

What’s The Meaning of “Lofito”?

Do you know why the studio is called “The Lofito”? I’ll tell you why. As you have probably found out, the place is made of one big room where kitchen, living and bedroom are connected with no partition between them.

One of my best friends, the first time he saw the studio said: “It’s like a loft, but a tiny one!”. And in Spanish language, the suffix “-ito” means “little one”.

So “The Lofito” is… a tiny loft!