50 Of The Best Places To Visit in Gran Canaria

Hello peeps! Looking for any plans during the weekend in Gran Canaria? Of course, you can find plenty of info on the net, but nothing like the recommendations of a native islander (like me). I’ve been collecting some of the best places to visit in Gran Canaria to take amazing photos. Enjoy them and let me know your comments!

Gran Canaria. Credit: www.holaislascanarias.com

Gran Canaria is such an amazing place that it’s been a difficult task for me to reduce the list to just 50 spots, so maybe I will share another list in the future… with at least another 50! But, I have tried to make a good summary of what to expect in Gran Canaria: beaches, nature, towns and architecture.

These spots have not been ordered, just distributed into different areas:

  1. Las Palmas Area
  2. South & East Gran Canaria,
  3. North & West Gran Canaria
  4. Center Gran Canaria, that is, the mountains…

Enjoy the list and in case you need more info, or just want to let me know about other spots that I have left outside the list, you can just contact me at hello@thelofito.com. Looking forward to reading from you!

Places To Visit in Gran Canaria: Las Palmas Area

This first section of this post about things to see in Gran Canaria has been dedicated to Las Palmas urban area. It’s the more populated area of the island and there are so many places to see. I’ve tried to offer some different things to visit: from beaches to view points, aquariums or nature.

There are many more things to discover of course, but I think this is a good summary!

1. Playa de Las Canteras

2. Bahía de El Confital

3. Muelle Deportivo

4. Mirador de Las Torres

5. Poema del Mar Aquarium

6. Parque Doramas

7. Botanic Garden (Jardín Botánico Viera y Clavijo)

8. Caldera Bandama

Places To Visit in Gran Canaria: East & South

Southern Gran Canaria is probably the most visited area of the island as it is the most touristic one. But, when they come to the island, many visitors just spend their whole stay in a hotel or apartment and their surroundings. But the south of the island is much more than that…

Also, I have added the eastern part of Gran Canaria in this section, because I am aware many digital nomads and remote workers rent a car from Las Palmas and drive to the south, so maybe they consider taking a look at other spots as well!

9. Bufadero de La Garita (Telde)

10. Cuatro Puertas (Telde)

11. Tufia (Telde)

12. Cuevas de la Reina Mora (Telde)

13. Barranco de los Cernícalos (Telde)

14. Agüimes Town

15. Las Salinas de Tenefé

16. Barranco de las Vacas

It’s a bit difficult to find as there aren’t good indications on Google and the names of the places around can be a bit tricky. When you finally find it, you realise it’s what you see in the picture and that’s it. So don’t expect a big valley like the Colorado Canyon. Good pic either!

17. Castillo del Romeral Natural Pools

I must admit I found these by chance. You don’t go to El Castillo del Romeral except you are going to El Castillo del Romeral for some reason. Cool natural pools to enjoy a different experience! But be careful: a windy day can spoil your stay. And it’s something relatively usual!

18. Arco del Coronadero

19. Barranco del Toro

20. Maspalomas Dune Sea

21. Degollada de la Yegua Viewpoint

22. La Fortaleza de Ansite

23. La Sorrueda

24. Puerto de Mogán

25. Los Azulejos

26. Güi Güi

Places To Visit in Gran Canaria: North & West

If you are looking for something different, I would recommend you to check some of the incredible places I’ve added in this section located in the north and west parts of Gran Canaria. It’s more than surf and more than rocky pools… give it a try and you won’t regret it!

27. Firgas (Paseo de Gran Canaria)

28. Balneario de Azuaje

29. Los Tilos (Moya)

30. Cuevas del Guincho

31. Tagoror del Gallego

32. Cenobio de Valerón

33. El Agujero

34. Sardina del Norte Lighthouse

35. Furnia

36. Charco Azul

37. Guayedra

38. Mirador de Balcón (Andén Verde)

Places To Visit in Gran Canaria: Center

The center part of the island (mostly mountains) is another great option to discover another Gran Canaria. I’ve left here those places you cannot find in the north or the south. However, some of them limit the western area… because the center area of the island it’s just… INCREDIBLE!

39. Barranco del Álamo (Teror)

40. Cruz de Tejeda

41. Ventana del Nublo

42. Roque Nublo

43. Mirador Pico de la Gorra (Tejeda)

44. Mirador Degollada de la Becerra

45. El Charco de la Paloma

46. Pinar de Tamadaba

47. Mirador El Mulato

47. Acusa Seca

49. The Valley Of The Tears

50. Risco Caído

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